French Word A Week: Abricot

French Word A Week: Abricot – Tartelette

French Word A Week: Abricot


Helene Dujardin

Helene Dujardin
(Senior Editor)

First Apricots

I have to say that I am quite relieved not to have to record the French Word A Week this go around. I could not even if I desperately wanted to. I have absolutely no voice. Zip. Zero. Nada. There is a strange mix of air and shattering of vocal cords everytime I try to talk. So I don’t. Allergies have the talent of attacking my vocal cords. No runny nose, watery eyes or cough. Just zipping the wind from under my wings, my vocal cords. It’s always like that isn’t it? When you are swamped with work, your health gives you some lip. That’s ok.
So yes, I am very glad I did not have to record the word “Abricot” (click on hot link to hear)for you to pronounce or listen to this week. But I surely have enjoyed the first ones we have gotten from our friends. I love apricots. In financiers, tea cakes, cookies, panna cotta, just to name a few. I miss the apricot tree we had in Apt and the one we had in Calas (near Aix) two villages where I grew up.
It took every bit of me not to eat them all in one sitting and to free some time to bake with them. I made (and we devoured) my grandmother’s Tarte Aux Abricots. I promise to share it with you next week.
When I say “free some time”, I am not kidding but it’s all good. Work is good. Work allows me to go play, ahaha! Carrie’s cookbook is in the final stages of lay out and editing before being sent to the printer and her publisher requested more pictures to make it spiffy gorgeous. I jumped out loud (in my head since I can’t speak) “oui oui! Right away”. I love Carrie’s recipes so that was a no brainer and the feedback from reputable people in the know is already more than positive. I am nervous. And happy. And stoked. (Release date is September ya’ll – send the Xanax my way!).
Now if you excuse me, my “boss” (and soon to be co-author) needs a chocolate cookie picture and Bill said he’ll help carry them upstairs to the studio. How many will disappear between the kitchen and the work table?
Will there be any apricot recipe in our dessert cookbook? You can bet on it even if I have to tackle Carrie down. Well maybe not, she’s way taller than me, ahah!
Have a great weekend!






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