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Helene Dujardin

Helene Dujardin
(Senior Editor)

This is my homework almost everyday…in a very simplified sum up: baking, taking pictures, eating, and writing. Fortunately the state of my mind is not empty like a consumed cupcake wrapper but full of stories and giddy with excitement. I was having a conversation with Elizabeth the yoga instructor where I teach Pilates and she reminded me that I also needed to breathe. I can’t “breathe” and relax in chaos and right now my picture files and documents are in shambles or at least overflowing in all directions….so much so that I forget what I have prepared to post on this blog. It made me happy to found them tonight for next week though!!
So I am going to take the next couple of days to organize my head, my files and figure out a way to prevent Bailey from nipping at my apron while I bake…or pull on the tablecloth while I take a picture!
Thank you to all of you who left a response to my question the other day. It might have sounded like this problem was happening a lot, rest assured that it was only on a couple of recipes that I was re-working from great great great grandma Rose who never owned a 9 inch square pan… While the more seasoned bakers said “I’ll pour what’s left in a cupcake tin or small dish and use it as my taste tester”, the more novice ones brought a good point to my attention, “I would wonder if I have done something wrong”. I had not really thought of it that way so I could kiss you for the feedback right now! And yes…recipe has been adjusted and if I can’t ever make one fit in the proper pan, I will write a small note.
These flowers are my virtual thank you. You guys are the best!
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