Valentine’s Day….Again!

Valentine’s Day….Again! – Tartelette

Valentine’s Day….Again!


Helene Dujardin

Helene Dujardin
(Senior Editor)

Last weekend, probably after too many cocktails, I bought myself a few V-Day presents. I had been lusting after these and Feb. 14th seemed like the perfect occasion to splurge….
Be afraid people, be very afraid…there are tons of recipes I am already dying to try!
My package did not arrive alone as I found a V-Day card from Arfi at HomeMades…the card is upstairs, I am not, so as soon as I get my behind upthere I’ll take a pic, but in the meantime you can look it up here. It was the most unexpected yet hilarious card received…Thanks Arfi, you made me feel special!
Keeping with the Valentine Day Theme (just to bug Brilynn), check this dessert: Sweet Dreams.
The pastry chef works in one of the upscale restaurant in Charleston, and I admire her dedication, especially in our town.






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